what is automobile engineering

What is Automobile Engineering? Automotive engineering, together with naval architecture and aerospace engineering, is a division of civil engineering, integrating components of mechanical, structural, electrical, computer, and environmental sciences. It is the result of the complex interaction of materials, people, and technology in the design, manufacture, and operation of vehicles. It includes all the processes by which the vehicle functions and how they are related to each other.

The word ‘vehicle’ itself tells us much about what is automobile engineering. In general, it refers to any motor vehicle that is not a train, bus, boat, or ship. Many people have an image in their mind of large trucks or huge cars driving across the open road. However, these vehicles only make up a very small part of what is automobile engineering. Automobiles include passenger vehicles such as buses, trucks, and private passenger cars, and non-passenger vehicles such as motorcycles and boats. Within the classification of automobiles there are two major branches: drive-by-wire and parallel-track vehicles.

Drive-By-Wire vehicles are those that are designed without having a steering wheel and are operated by making contact with the driver by using some sort of mechanism. These vehicles must be certified by competent authorities such as the Department of Transportation (DOT) and have excellent control and reliability in relation to speed, traction, and turning. For this reason, drive-by-wire vehicles are highly demanding when it comes to quality control, design, and manufacturing. Safety measures such as crash balloons and crash sensors are also highly appreciated by them.

On the other hand, parallel-track vehicles differ from drive-by-wire vehicles in the sense that they are designed in a semi-automobile like manner so that they do not need to meet DOT regulations. Parallel-track automobiles do not need to meet federal safety regulations and yet, they still offer the advantages of safety, control, reliability, speed, and durability. They have high standards in respect to the design and quality control, which is why many people consider them the superior design and manufacturing vehicle.

What is automobile engineering is a very wide subject which is concerned with manufacturing motor vehicles, trains, airplanes, spacecrafts, bomb defusers, generators, engines, batteries, and medical vehicles. In addition, what is automobile engineering also includes the field of transportation security and planning. Therefore, not only are engineers involved in creating new vehicles for new uses, but they also are responsible for building prototypes, testing and evaluating new vehicles, securing the rights to use existing vehicles, and developing safety features into new automobiles.

An important part of what is automobile engineering is the design process. Engineers develop the concepts of a new vehicle, but before the design process can begin, they must determine how a vehicle will function, where it will operate, what it will be able to do, and what its limitations will be. The goal is to create a vehicle that can save as much money and energy as possible while at the same time providing the most efficient means of getting from point A to point B. In this process, engineers determine if a vehicle will provide adequate fuel efficiency, maximum safety, maximum passenger space, maximum utility, maximum reliability, and maximum speed. This involves all areas of the design process including production vehicles, concept vehicles, testing, design optimization, and manufacturing.

What is automobile engineering involves a lot of details, but the big picture is what determines whether or not an automobile is successful. It is responsible for determining how new vehicles will reduce costs, how new vehicles will be safer, how new vehicles will be more reliable, how new vehicles will be faster, how vehicles will be better powered, and how vehicles will be environmental-friendly. It also takes into account the final consumer market, which may decide against or for specific models and brands.

What is automobile engineering also includes the entire manufacturing process, which consists of the development of the production vehicles, the assembly of these vehicles, and the testing and inspection of the production vehicles before they are put on the road for people to use. Automobile manufacturers rely heavily on this process because it allows them to produce a large volume of vehicles without making any errors. Cars, trucks, and motorcycles all pass through what is called a testing facility before being shipped off to their distributors for retail sale. The manufacturing plants for these automobiles are generally located in the United States, Canada, Mexico, China, Japan, Europe, Korea, and the Philippines.

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