Naate Rasool by Zahoori Qasoori

O Messenger of Allah, peace be upon the atmosphere of your door
Salutations to the cool shade of the dome of Khazra

Walhanah who performs Tawaf Ruziyah Aqdhs
Salutations to those winds that come in ecstasy

Who give sound in the streets of Madinah
Salutations to those poor people and donkeys

They ask that there is no discrimination
Salutations to those prayers included in every heartbeat

O Zahori, good luck has taken away those who have Hijaz
Salutations to their tears and their supplications

Salutations to the special and common people living in Dar
O Prophet, peace be upon the slaves of your slaves

Blessings on the beautiful sight of the Kaaba
Greetings to the Prophet’s Mosque in the mornings and evenings

Those who study day and night in your court
Zahoori offers salutations to these salutations

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